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Halal Honey
Halal Honey
Our honey is 100% native of Iberian Peninsula and mainly collected in the Valley of Ayora, Valencia. Our company possesses a certificate of authenticity that guarantees the origin of our honey (Analisis de polen en miel, Laoratorio de la Miel, Universitat Politecnica de Valencia, Boletin N. 350-35114).

And as is widely recognized and known today, especially by nutritionists and health medical specialists, honey has several health benefits for people. The health benefits of daily intake of honey are particularly recognized by the nutritional specialists. The following are the most outstanding health benefits of honey, among others:
  • Natural Vaccine. Honey’s ability to help fight coughs effectively has led some medical specialists to believe that honey is a natural vaccine against allergies and coughs since it helps mitigate seasonal allergy symptoms. And as such, "a common theory is that honey acts like a natural vaccine."
  • Source of all-Natural Energy. Taking honey before engaging in physical exercise provides an instant boost of energy.
  • Memory Boost and Improvement. Daily intake of honey helps mitigate intellectual decline and improve memory retention.
  • Treatment for Cough and Cold. Honey is an effective medicine against cold and helps soothe coughs.
  • Sleep Aid. Honey helps against sleeplessness and chronic insomnia.
  • Treatment for Dandruff. Honey is a natural medicine for treating dandruff.
  • TREATMENT for WOUNDS and BURNS. Honey can be used as a treatment for soothing wounds.

See Honey: Health Benefits and Uses In Medecine escrito by Joseph Nordqvist (Mon, 16 November 2015).

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Products with Halal Certification

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